I'm inspired by nature, other cultures and traditional crafts and making, I like to find the beauty in the small things.  From taking macro photographs to examining things in magnification under my microscope, I love to draw and paint the world around me. Working traditionally and with CAD I develop my prints from this hidden beauty. Grounded in research and experimentation, I try to work  sustainably where possible and I'm always looking for different ways to work which lets me use minimal dyes and water.
I tend to work mainly with natural materials, from silks and wool to man-made natural fibres such as milk twill and viscose. I love to combine natural dyes with modern techniques and I am experienced with a range of textile dyeing techniques. I combine these techniques with silk screen printing using devore, discharge, foil, acid dyes, procion dyes and fluorescent dyes to add dimension to my work.I often work into my prints further, creating shadowfolds, pleating, or adding hand and machine embroidery.
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